Why Use CPTL coin?

Completely Anonymous and Privacy-Focused

The important part of cryptocurrency is privacy and anonymity – the main focus of a financial transaction.


The basic idea is that developers can come as they wish and work on any part of the code.

Active Development Team with Many Contributors

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Service is the most important factor in platform viability.

CPTL Network is Ready for Mass Adoption

Don`t be afraid try something new! Cryptocurrency industry is growing and has experts to guide you.

Ultra-Fast Contactless Transactions

It`s a new word in payment solutions: new tech will make transactions even easier for the end-users.

Decentralized & Open-Source Currency

The system and trading cannot be stopped. Every aspect is transparent, and the code is open source.

CPTL Market Value

The daily value of Ethereum can be seen in the chart below, with real-time quote.

  • Possibility of creating own tokens
  • Execution of smart contracts
  • Scalability and security provided by blockchain
  • Decentralization
  • Anti-fraud contract systems
  • High global liquidity

Luiz Capuci Jr

Founder and CEO of CPTL Coin

“Always think about how you can become.”

Ready to Get Started?

The revolution has come! We are the best cryptocurrency transparently and securely. CPTL, it's like gold, only better!