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CapitalCoin is based on ERC-20 Ethereum technology, much more safe and improved. It unite the speed of transaction approvation and the safety of Ethereum.

A wallet is where your digital assets can be stored, we can make a bank account analogy. You can check more details at

By now, you can buy and trade your CapitalCoin through Bitchain Exchanges, Bit Tech and USA Exchanges

There are many online stores from different categories that accepts CapitalCoin, such as Crypto ARB, Olympia Crpto and Essence Crypto As the coin grows, new stores and places will incorporate CPTL to their payment methods.

ERC-20 tokens such as CPTL are designed and used only on the Ethereum platform. They follow a list of patterns so they can be shared, exchanged for other tokens or transferred to a crypto wallet.

It is more simple than you imagine! You can check all the documentation and instructions at:

Through the website you can check all transactions that you made informing your CPTL wallet address. You can also provide a hash ID to verify the legimity of the transaction and how many confirmations it have.

If the person have a CPTL wallet, she can transfer and receive from you normally as in other cryptocurrencies.

As long as the Ethereum blockchain is active and operational, all ERC20 tokens will remain in existence, Ethereum and Bitcoin are together the most safe cryptocurrencies in existence, so CPTL will be always a safe coin aswell!

As an ERC20 token, you must have a small amount of ETH in your wallet (the recommended is 0.01) to cover the fee transaction of the miners. Learn more about wallets here: